website design & seo

digital marketingA website that actually grows your business

First time building a website?

No problem.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Got an existing site that needs an update or overhaul?

I can turn a tired, outdated website into one that motivates your natural audience.

Here’s what I won’t do: Push a design at you just because it pleases me.


I enjoy building beautiful websites using the latest tricks and techniques. But what I want most is to build the site you want.  Your website is your online identity. You need to feel GREAT about it. Your audience also needs to be able to find you online. Believe it or not, lots of award-winning websites fail to meet this fundamental requirement. I promise not to sacrifice your Google rankings to my own artistic preferences.

Whether you want a one-pagecalling card’ site or a 50+ page website, we’ll collaborate on a design that serves your needs.

Lindsay’s organizational, writing, design and communication skills make her a pleasure to work with.”
~Tammy Renner, Nonprofit Director

Creativity, dedication, and intelligence are three words that describe Lindsay.”   ~Suzanne Klein, CEO

“Lindsay’s knowledge of social media and websites, combined with engaging writing and heartfelt positive energy, make her a treasure.”  
~Judy Alexander, E-Commerce Business Owner

“Lindsay has a remarkable combination of organizational, creative, communication, and personal skills.” ~Becky Reardon, Independent Musician

Yes, in a heartbeat, I would recommend Lindsay.”
~Miche Suboski, Small Business Consultant


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