what are you waiting for?

websites-digital-marketing-glifFriends, it’s time. Many of you know I’ve been ghostwriting content for my clients for years.

Having just completed the single largest writing project I have yet undertaken for a client — 18 months in the making — I want to do some writing here now. I’ll still be helping clients create outstanding content. But I’m also going to share some of what I’ve learned in 20 years as a successful journalist, marketing specialist, and digital storyteller.

What does that mean?

  • this is a blog about digital storytelling
  • and marketing musts, from Subject Headings to SEO;
  • the ever-changing landscape of web design and development,
  • ways to approach and evaluate social media,
  • and inspiration for your work and business life.

I’m starting this blog partly because, as long as I’ve been blogging for others, I feel compelled to model it in my own practice. And partly to inspire you people out there who haven’t fully claimed your greatness. Yes, you! I want you to say yes to your unique gifts. Put them out there! Continue reading “what are you waiting for?”