content creation


I find that many clients haven’t thought very carefully about their content. Unless you’re willing to do so, you’ll be disappointed with your website. It’s important to put time and energy into your messaging. This means more than coming up with selling points and then writing about them. It’s storytelling that makes clients want to do business with you above everyone else.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” 

~Seth Godin
Author, blogger & marketing guru

Telling the Story of Your Business

You may be surprised to learn what really attracts customers and clients online. Digital audiences have so many choices at the click of their mouse that your brand’s story becomes as important a distinguishing factor as your services. Why did you go into business in the first place? Audiences want a taste of that passion and energy.


Beyond telling prospective clients what motivates you and makes your business unique, be sure you take time to do it well. Whether you’re creating blog posts, email campaigns, or descriptions of products or services, allow time to:

Brainstorm ideas
Prioritize the best ideas
Assign owners (who will write it? You, your staff, or me?)
• Write the actual content
Get others to review your drafts
Verify your facts
Add new ideas and related content
Decide on the key takeaway and Call to Action
Finalize changes
Make sure the final draft matches your brand in content, style and language
Select great graphics to go with the post
Create a draft in WordPress or your other CMS
Ask someone else to proofread it one last time

After all, we’re talking about your business. You really cannot afford poor messaging or even typos.