Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Oh no!

Welcome to the world of social media marketing. Ready to go?

“But I don’t even know where to begin!”

That’s okay. There’s no need to get overwhelmed by the incredible array of social media options out there. Find out which social media channels make sense for your business, and optimize your impact there.

A strong presence on one or two channels is better than spreading yourself poorly across five or six sites that you can’t realistically maintain.

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Facebook & Twitter Best Practices: A Case Study

Mark Smith posts on Twitter as @markdubya.
Mark Smith posts on Twitter as @markdubya.

Though Huffington Post regularly links to its website on Facebook and Twitter, its social media curators do not typically respond to the comments of its fans and followers.

According to Mark W. Smith, the incoming director of social media for USA Today, they could do better. How? Social media users want to know someone is “showing up” when they interact with a page.

Smith, who entertains and informs readers on the subject of social media, interacts constantly with his followers on Twitter. The point is not so much what he says, but the simple fact that he shows up. A seasoned PR specialist might disagree. Still, Smith has a point.

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