what are you waiting for?

websites-digital-marketing-glifFriends, it’s time. Many of you know I’ve been ghostwriting content for my clients for years.

Having just completed the single largest writing project I have yet undertaken for a client — 18 months in the making — I want to do some writing here now. I’ll still be helping clients create outstanding content. But I’m also going to share some of what I’ve learned in 20 years as a successful journalist, marketing specialist, and digital storyteller.

What does that mean?

  • this is a blog about digital storytelling
  • and marketing musts, from Subject Headings to SEO;
  • the ever-changing landscape of web design and development,
  • ways to approach and evaluate social media,
  • and inspiration for your work and business life.

I’m starting this blog partly because, as long as I’ve been blogging for others, I feel compelled to model it in my own practice. And partly to inspire you people out there who haven’t fully claimed your greatness. Yes, you! I want you to say yes to your unique gifts. Put them out there!

I named my company inspire:connect not only because I help clients connect to their audience in meaningful ways, but also because they really do inspire me. I’m privileged to work with individuals and organizations who serve children, adults, and indeed the planet in unique and marvelous ways. When a client invests in their online presence, whatever business goals they may have, they are also inwardly honoring the work they do. For me, it’s an honor to help an entrepreneur or a teacher or a therapist or a health food store make their work powerfully visible in the world.

My aim with this blog is to not only support clients who are already out there, digitally speaking, but also to jump-start any of you who think creating a great online presence is too hard or scary. I believe that the inspiration for your work is the answer to someone else’s prayer. There are people out there with a heartfelt need. You receive inspiration to offer your services… or to make what you make…or to write what you write about… because you can answer their need better than anyone else. So. Honor that impulse.

That’s what I enjoy about demystifying digital marketing. I hope it gets some of you off the fence. I hope it gives you the confidence you need to recognize the value of your work and tell people about it. Ready?


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